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Under construction

November 26, 2009 - One Response

My sincere and fashionably late apologies for the so few posts lately. I am moving house and planning a revamp for the site. Hopefully things will start to come together towards the end of the year. New year- new look!
All suggestions and questions are very welcome.
Cheers babes!


The Pretty Truth

November 20, 2009 - Leave a Response

I love movies. I love romance. I love to laugh. And if a + b = c, than that would mean:

I love romantic comedies!

I do. They inspire me and they usually have great fashion. Gals with great jobs, cute boys, fun friends. They give me pleasant dreams.

Last night, I settled in for a night with ROD (Rogers on Demand). And I discovered a pretty little movie called The Ulgy Truth.


Learn from it or laugh at it, whichever you like, I have to say- it was great.

Now excuse me, I have to go buy a new push up bra, take my hair out of a ponytail and flirt with my boyfriend.



Babe says: Take it from the boys

November 10, 2009 - Leave a Response

Men's shirts! C'est ca!

Here are a few shots from a photoshoot I styled a while ago with Scott Lennon.

It’s a little Babe tip that when you’re sick of everything in your closet- grab something from his.

All that Morgan is wearing in these photos are classic men’s shirts. A white button down, and a grey wool sweater. Tied around her body in different ways, or pulled just so off her shoulder, I accessorized with a grand finale of hats!

C’est tres chic, and so easy breezy, if I do say so myself!



Geek Chic: Books as Accessories

November 5, 2009 - One Response

I love books.

A little more than most people, I think.

I have a lot of them. They are generally about beauty, fashion, style and etiquette, and from everywhere: different continents and time periods.

I can’t get enough. And the thing is… sometimes I don’t even read them. I carry one around in my purse, and I won’t even touch it all day, but without a book in my bag I feel a little lost. Some days I just walk around holding onto them, glancing at pictures or reading a paragraph or two whilst waiting for the streetcar.

The book changes everyday. Perhaps I’ll start co-ordinating them with my outfits.